Couple Is Shocked To Discover 'Baby Watermelon' Is Actually An Animal

The cutest thing ever 🍉💚

Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde was out hiking with his wife, enjoying nature and taking in the sights. At one point, his eyes wandered down to the ground — and he suddenly noticed the strangest thing on his wife’s shoe. 

It looked almost like a baby watermelon or a tiny, misshapen cucumber. Upon closer inspection, though, the couple quickly realized that the little thing was actually a spider. 

cucumber spider
Bjørn-Gunnar Lunde

“We could see that it was a tiny spider, and it had started to make a web,” Lunde told The Dodo. “We gently put it on the ground where I took the picture.” 

The strange little spider does indeed look much more like a tiny fruit or vegetable than an animal — which is how they got the name cucumber spider. 

cucumber spider
Mirko Graul/

These weirdly adorable spiders, found in parts of Europe, North America and Central Asia, are seen between the months of May and September and are often hard to spot because of how well they blend in with their surroundings. They’re that beautiful green color for a reason. They weave their webs between leaves and flowers and tend to stay low to the ground, which is probably why this one was found hanging out on someone’s shoe. 

Cucumber spiders don’t use a hideout, but are great at hiding in plain sight, or at least confusing people long enough to get away, so it’s pretty cool that Lunde and his wife were able to spot one. 

cucumber spider

“I have seen similar spiders before, but not often,” Lunde said.

Eventually, the little spider went on her way, crawling off along the trail, looking like a tiny walking watermelon. What a perfect sight.