Spider In Bathroom Gets Named 'Employee Of The Month'

The award saved his life.

One day last year, an uninvited guest moved into the home Brian Markham shares with his wife. The visitor set up shop near a plant on a windowsill in the couple’s bathroom.

It was a tiny spider. Tiny, but with big ambitions that didn't go unrecognized.

Brian Markham

Markham hardly batted an eye when he saw the wee arachnid in that cozy nook. Instead, his presence was something Markham appreciated. Each bug caught in the spider’s web was one less pest flying around the house.

And the spider was clearly good at his job. But unfortunately, not everyone saw things that way.

“[My wife] has a strong dislike of spiders and was insisting I get rid of it. I insisted that he was a teeny-tiny guy that posed no threat whatsoever,” Markham said.

Brian Markham

Realizing that words in defense of the spider could only go so far, Markham decided to make things official.

“I decided to make him ‘Employee of the Month’ instead of killing him, thinking the coveted status would protect him from the lady's ire,” Markham said.

Markham even printed up a tiny certificate for the little guy, dubbing him: Manspider. After all, in Markham's eyes, he was sorta like an eight-legged superhero.

Brian Markham

Markham then hung the tiny certificate up in Manspider's office, proudly for all to see.

And sure enough, that did the trick.

Brian Markham

Noticing that award for excellence posted alongside Manspider's web, Markham’s wife had a change of heart.

“She did not request I get rid of him after that,” Markham said.

Brian Markham

In the end, thanks to that employee honor, Manspider was able to keep his job. But evidently, he aspired for something greater than the windowsill spot in the bathroom.

After serving several months in that position, the hardworking spider just up and left.

"One day he was no longer there," Markham said.

There's no telling where Manspider has ended up since then, but one thing is clear — whoever's home he may have moved on to sure is lucky to have him.