Special Needs Rescue Duck In Awe As He Experiences Rain For First Time

“His little face lit up”🥰

Cheerio was just one day old when he arrived at Here With Us Farm Sanctuary in South Central, Pennsylvania. And his new mom, Amanda Clark, didn’t think he’d make it through the night.

Now, the 10-month-old duck is experiencing some things for the first time — like rain — and Clark is capturing every special moment.

Duck looks up at the rain.
Amanda Clark

“When Cheerio first saw and felt the rain, it was pure joy,” Clark told The Dodo. “His little face lit up. You could see how curious he was and how happy to be experiencing it.”

The moment was an important milestone in the special needs duck's life. Cheerio is missing an eye and has severe neurological issues that keep him from walking without assistance — but he still appreciates the little things.

Duck enjoys the rain.
Amanda Clark

“It was hard not to cry — seeing him get to experience something for the first time that lots of ducks get to experience all the time,” Clark said. “He kept looking up at the rain and had the happiest little face!”

You can watch Cheerio enjoying the rain for the first time here:

Cheerio’s life at the sanctuary allows him to experience all life has to offer, alongside 200 other rescued farm animals just like him. But it’s “the little duckling that could” who has filled Clark’s life with joy.

Two ducks enjoy the rain.
Amanda Clark

“Cheerio has changed my life in so many ways,” Clark said. “He is so determined and truly an inspiration to always keep going, keep trying and never give up. Finding joy in even the small things. He's just an amazing little guy.”

You can follow Cheerio and his Here With Us Farm Sanctuary friends on Instagram.