Soccer Players Have Best Reaction When Friendly Dog Invades The Field

She came for belly rubs.

Last Saturday, a professional soccer match taking place in South America was forced to momentarily be put on hold — and for the most adorable reason.

It was all because this sweet pup wanted belly rubs.

Facebook/La Noticia 1

The game, between Chile and Venezuela’s women's soccer teams, stood tied at 0-0 when, quite unexpectedly, a friendly black dog stormed the field. She had a different type of “goal” in mind.

And, well, she scored.

Rushing to the nearest player she could see, the dog rolled onto her back to ask for a rubdown. But she didn’t stop there:

Where the dog had come from isn’t exactly clear, but based on the players' warm reception, she'd picked the perfect game to interrupt.

The Venezuelan team technically came out on top, ending the game 1-0 to Chile — but there's no doubt about who really won the match.