Soccer Crowd Goes Wild As Adorable Possum Waddles Onto The Field

He's the real star 💫

This week, smack-dab in the middle of a professional soccer match in Brazil, a new contender of sorts randomly decided to take to the field.


It was a cute local possum — and he didn't seem too bothered about seizing the spotlight.

The game was put on hold in light of that adorable interruption, of course, but no one in the stadium seemed to mind much. In fact, as the possum waddled his way across the field, the crowd in the stands went wild:

In the end, the possum was eventually escorted off the pitch and, with any luck, was able to safely arrive at the place he'd been heading.

Moments earlier, he'd been just another possum in the world, but the roar of the audience confirmed he'd stepped off the field a star.