Sneaky Pittie Is Obsessed With Stealing Her Mom's Pumpkin

“She thought it was a ball” 😂🎃

A while ago, Alison Lewis returned home from the grocery store with a large pumpkin she intended on turning into soup. 

Her dogs Lilly and Max ran to greet her, but when they saw the orange squash, they became transfixed by it. “I put down the pumpkin and their expression was awesome because they had never seen a pumpkin before,” Lewis told The Dodo. 

Dog steals pumpkin
Alison Lewis

Lewis took out her phone to record her dogs’ funny reactions, but the moment she turned her back, Lilly stole the pumpkin.

Even though she was caught red-handed, Lilly refused to give up the gourd and tossed it down the stairs to escape her mom. Luckily, the pumpkin didn’t smash on impact — something Lilly took as a sign to keep playing. 

What Lilly didn't know is that both raw and cooked pumpkin is safe for dogs, and offers an excellent source of fiber and vitamins for pups.

Pit bull steals mom's pumpkin
Alison Lewis

“She thought it was a ball,” Lewis said. “She was running all around with it, licking it, and she was convinced it was hers.”

You can watch Lilly's pumpkin thievery here:

Alison Lewis

Lilly rolled the pumpkin around the yard, wagging her tail until Lewis snatched the pumpkin back. She couldn’t blame Lilly for being interested in the round squash, since it looked suspiciously like a ball — Lilly's favorite toy.

“[Lilly] loves balls — anything that’s round and you can throw, it’s all she ever does,” Lewis said. “She is obsessed.”

Alison Lewis

Lewis brought the pumpkin back inside, and to Lilly’s disappointment, cut it in half and roasted it for her soup.

But Lilly doesn't need to worry. As Halloween approached, Lewis planned on buying plenty of pumpkins for herself — and her dogs.