Delivery Guy Is Perplexed After Food He Was Carrying Suddenly Goes Missing

It was the perfect crime 😂

The other day, Roseilson Melo was all set to deliver food someone had ordered from the restaurant in Brazil where he works. Melo packaged the meal, loaded it into his thermal backpack and rode his motorcycle out to house.

But then, after knocking on the customer’s door, something inexplicable happened — the food suddenly disappeared.

"The customer did not believe that the food was gone,” Tharles Costa, the restaurant’s owner, told Brazilian media. “The delivery guy arrived [back] here bewildered, not knowing what to do. We decided to go to the place and ask for the video from the security cameras, [and] that's when we saw everything that happened.”

Turns out, a sneaky thief had been on the prowl:

Sure enough, as Melo pulled up to the house, a random local pup strolled up as well. And as Melo’s back was turned, the dog saw a bag of food drop from his backpack.

It presented an opportunity apparently too tasty to pass up.

The food was now hers.

Fortunately, aside from some initial confusion, Melo was left with no hard feelings toward the thieving dog. In fact, afterward, the two even met up for a more civil introduction.

After all, while the pup didn’t pay for the meal, she was just following typical dog logic — tasty food on the ground is basically tasty food on the house.