Sneaky Dog Accidentally Crashes His Family's Car Into A Wall

Apolo is still a good boy.

If Gustavo Kurka didn’t have the incident on video, no one would believe it. After all, it’s not every day that a dog crashes a car.

But that’s exactly what Apolo did.

Gustavo Kurka

Last week, Kurka was getting ready to head out from his home in Argentina when, after reversing his car onto the street, he stopped to corral his family dogs back into their gated yard. Putting the car in neutral, Kurka opened the door and beckoned them to come.

The pups, who had had been out exploring on the quiet street, all came running in — all except for Apolo.

Gustavo Kurka

Instead, the sneaky dog decided to hop inside the idling car. And before Kurka could stop him, he accidentally flipped the gear into “drive.”

Here’s that moment on video:

Gustavo Kurka

Fortunately, Apolo managed to jump clear of the vehicle before it really got going — but there wasn’t such a happy ending for the car.

It crashed in a neighbor’s wall, leaving quite a scratch on the bumper.

Gustavo Kurka

Though Kurka might have reason to feel a bit miffed at Apolo’s mischief-making, he’s not holding it against him.

“The dog doesn't understand. He doesn't know what he did,” Kurka told The Dodo. "Thank God nothing happened other than material damage.”

Gustavo Kurka

In the end, Kurka was left with an unbelievable story and, thankfully, the footage to back it up. Sure, there was some harm done — but none to Apolo’s reputation:

“He is an excellent dog and lives very happily,” Kurka said.