Snake Sneaks Into Family's House And Finds The Perfect Hiding Spot

How would you react?

It was the middle of the night, and an unsuspecting person went to use the bathroom in their home in Australia. Suddenly, they must have sensed they weren’t alone, because something compelled them to look up — and they were greeted by a huge snake, nestled above the bathroom door. 

Immediately, the family contacted Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, who came out at two in the morning to help remove the sneaky intruder. Of course, the snake rescuers see this kind of thing a lot, so they weren’t fazed — even though their clients usually are.

“[People] are almost always surprised to see a snake in urban areas, especially inside their homes,” Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast told The Dodo. 

snake in bathroom
Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

Luckily, it wasn’t too difficult to remove the snake — but he probably wasn’t very happy that he was losing his comfy spot. 

“This coastal carpet python found himself a nice perch right above the entrance to the bathroom door,” Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast wrote in a post on Facebook. “Would you be able to walk through the door?”

After posting about the bathroom snake, many people commented in response to the question, and the answers were mixed between absolutely not and thinking the snake was super cute. 

snake in bathroom
Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast

It’s unclear exactly how the family felt about encountering the snake, except that they definitely would prefer he not be in their bathroom.

“If the snake is able to be found and accessed at the property then we relocate the animal at the request of the customer to an area with similar suitable habitat,” Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast said.

Hopefully, wherever the snake was relocated to has a perch just as cozy as the bathroom doorframe, so he can resume his very comfy position. That’s really all that matters.