Stray Kitten Makes The Most Gorgeous Transformation After Finding Someone To Love Her

“I told myself, ‘If she can survive, I will take care of her and love her as much as I can.’”

A year ago, Nur Hamizah Had was in her backyard in Malaysia when she spotted a tuft of white fur under her car.

When she bent down to take a closer look, she was shocked to find a sickly kitten.

Woman saves sick stray kitten
Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

The tiny cat was barely more than skin and bones, covered in sores, dirty and nearly bald. She smelled awful — but Hamizah Had couldn’t look away.

“She looked very poor and was begging me to help her,” Hamizah Had told The Dodo. “I was so touched the first time I saw her. I told myself, ‘If she can survive, I will take care of her and love her as much as I can.’”

Sick stray kitten makes amazing transformation
Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

While the kitten looked too sick to survive, something in her large yellow eyes told Hamizah Had that she was a fighter. So Hamizah Had got a cardboard box and placed it in front of the kitten. And to her surprise, the kitten walked right in and plopped down.

Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

Hamizah Had brought the kitten inside and named her Meimei.

The next day, she took Meimei to the vet and learned just what to do to help her recover. The kitten only weighed 4 pounds and had open sores that needed treatment, as well as other skin issues.

Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

But with the care and love of Hamizah Had, Meimei’s appearance began to change.

She started eating.

Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

Her fur grew back.

Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

And after just five months, the dirty little stray transformed into a healthy, fluffy girl.

Skinny cat transforms into fluffy girl
Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

Meimei now weighs over 13 pounds and loves her life as a house cat.

“She likes to eat, she likes to sleep, she likes to play around my house,” Hamizah Had said. “But if she sees someone not familiar, she will run and hide.”

Facebook/Nur Hamizah Had

Hamizah Had is always happy to help out a stray cat in need and hopes that Meimei’s transformation can show that any street cat can become a princess — if they're just given a little love.

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