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Shelter Names All These Puppies After 'Avengers' To Help Them Get Adopted

Antman is 😍

Marvel fans across the world are captivated this week as the last installment of the acclaimed Avengers series premiered in theaters on Friday.

As fans saw the end of a pop culture era come to a close, many were feeling pretty emotional — so what’s the best way to fix that?

Adorable rescue puppies — all named after the Avengers themselves.

avenger puppies marvel
Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County

That’s just the idea that staff at Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County, Tennessee, had when a litter of nine puppies showed up at their door on April 26, the day the film premiered. The director of the shelter, Alisha Henry, knew that they could help.

puppy avengers
Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County

The pups (five boys and four girls) instantly scarfed down food and settled down into a kennel together. They had been through so much, but things were finally going to get better.

puppy rescue avengers
Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County

“They are just the cutest,” Henry told The Dodo. “The Avenger puppies were definitely in some dire straits [when they first got here]. They wolfed down four bowls of food before we even vetted them. They were absolutely full of worms and reeked of cigarette smoke. Poor things.”

They were pups of superhero strength — and they got names to boot.

From Antman and Thor to Thanos and Ironman, the Avengers puppies are fighting to get better each day. Interested families will have to apply to adopt the pup of their choice in a few weeks — and hopefully, their new parents will choose to keep their superhero names.

puppy avengers marvel adopt
Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County

It’s what Stan Lee would have wanted.

“Okoye and Carol Danvers have been adopted,” Henry said. “So we still have seven more that desperately need loving homes.”

If you’re interested in one of the puppies, you can email thefriendsanimalshelter@gmail.com or call 423-532-6475.
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