Shelter Dogs See Blankets For The First Time And Know Just What To Do

"It's the best thing they’ve ever seen."

There’s a unique tradition at National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) every time a new group of pups comes in. “They all get their first blankets,” NMDR’s social media manager, Melody Kahtava, told The Dodo.

It’s a special moment for the dogs, who are all relinquished as adults to NMDR by commercial breeding facilities. Many have never seen a blanket before, let alone laid on one.

Melody Kahtava

“Most of them have lived in cages lined with wire bottoms,” Kahtava said. “So when they encounter these blankets, they really don’t know quite what to do.”

A recent video shared by NMDR on Facebook shows a group of 16 new dogs checking out their new blankets for the first time.

You can watch the video here:

This particular group, who got to NMDR on July 3, had more medical needs than most newcomers. Some had skin issues, while others, like the brown cocker spaniel at the beginning of the video, came in blind.

Regardless of their differences, each dog in the group had the same initial response to their welcome gifts. They put their noses to their new blankets and gave them a skeptical sniff.

Melody Kahtava

According to Kahtava, their hesitant reactions are pretty typical.

“Many do a lot of cautious sniffing,” Kahtava said. “And some just bound onto them like it's the best thing they’ve ever seen … because it pretty much is.”

Melody Kahtava

After a while, even the most unsure pups end up sprawling out on their new bedding. And, as long as they don’t eat them, the dogs get to keep their blankets for the duration of their stay at NMDR.

“They certainly learn to treasure them rather quickly,” Kahtava said. “Most can be seen snuggling with them routinely.”

Melody Kahtava

When it’s time to be adopted, each dog gets a brand-new blanket to bring home with them. “It’s a very special part of our adoption process,” Kahtava said.

NMDR’s blankets come from their generous social media followers, who continuously donate to the rescue.

Thanks to their support, every sweet pup who comes to NMDR gets to experience their first blanket ever. And, eventually, they’ll get to keep one forever.

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