Shelter Dog Spends A Year Watching People Walk Right By Her Kennel

“How can anyone look into her eyes and not fall in love?”

Meet Sophie — a 7-year-old gray American Staffordshire mix. Sophie was a resident at Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS) and, although she was a favorite among the Florida-based shelter’s volunteers, the sweet pup was constantly ignored by visitors.

Sophie spent a year hoping someone would fall in love with her. Whenever people showed up to adopt a pet, she’d press her nose against the bars of her kennel and wait for someone to make eye contact with her. But, time and time again, they would pass Sophia by.

Volunteers at SCAS couldn’t understand why nobody wanted Sophie — in their case, the sweet pup stole everyone’s heart soon after meeting them.

“She’s a sweet older girl with soulful eyes and a beautiful gray coat,” SCAS wrote in a Facebook post. “[She] is a favorite.”

Sophie had some behaviors to work on, like learning how to walk on a leash without pulling, but she was more than ready to find a forever home. The only problem SCAS ran into was convincing someone to choose her.

After watching her wait in her kennel for months, Sophie’s friends at SCAS wanted passersby to get a glimpse of life from her perspective. So, they decided to set up a camera inside her kennel and record a time-lapse showcasing what her day looks like.

The heartbreaking footage shows Sophie sitting or standing attentively at her kennel door waiting for someone to notice her.

You can watch the video here:

“How can anyone look into her eyes and not fall in love?” SCAS wrote on Facebook. “This sweet, soulful girl still has plenty of pep in her step.”

Days before her one-year anniversary at SCAS, Sophie’s wish came true. Someone came across her video online and decided to scoop her up right there and then.

“Her new dad saw her on social media and just had to have her,” SCAS wrote in a Facebook post announcing Sophie’s adoption. “We did it! After 364 days [of] living at Seminole County Animal Services, Sophie has found a home.”

Sophie has since settled into her new home and finally has the life she’d always dreamed of. Her friends at SCAS surely miss her, but they’re happy to know that their favorite pup now has the family she deserves.

To help dogs like Sophie get the care they need, you can donate to Seminole County Animal Services here.