Shelter Cats Comfort Each Other Through The Bars Of Their Cages

It made them feel less alone ❤️

As volunteer Julie Saraceno walked the halls of Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, she was struck by a heart-wrenching sight.

Two cats in neighboring kennels had started reaching out to each other through the bars of their cages, determined to connect and play.

“I felt happy and heartbroken at the same time,” Saraceno told The Dodo.

two cats in side-by-side cages

In an effort to get them adopted, Saraceno quickly recorded the interaction.

You can watch her video here:

The orange and white cat is Quinn, a playful, affectionate guy famous around the shelter for pawing at people through his kennel door. The black cat is Raven, a kitten who’s at the shelter with her mom and siblings, and who’s very sweet.

In such a new and scary place, Quinn and Raven began to rely on each other.

“I think the cats were reaching out to each other to play, but also to get a sense of comfort,” Saraceno said. “The shelter is very loud and can be a stressful environment. The cats begin to get desperate for affection. I'm glad they found comfort in each other!”

cats in side-by-side cages

Saraceno is hopeful that the playful pair won’t be stuck in their cages for much longer, and they’ll find their forever homes sometime soon.

Until that day comes, Quinn and Raven will have each other nearby, both happy to offer a paw in an effort to make the shelter a little less lonely.

For more information on adopting Quinn or Raven, visit the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter website here

To support other cats like Quinn and Raven, make a donation to Tri-Cities Animal Shelter here