Shelter Cat Sticks His Paws Out To Hold Hands With Everyone Who Passes By

He just wanted attention ❤️️

From the moment he was rescued, Tigger was known as a volunteer favorite. He started out at Associated Humane Societies (AHS) Newark and ended up at Loving Hands Cat Rescue, and at both shelters, he never stopped asking for attention from anyone who was nearby.

“[He was] sweet, playful, cuddly and funny,” Tamara Ramos-Sadel, technology and fundraising coordinator at Loving Hands Cat Rescue, told The Dodo. “Tigger would always look for attention from AHS Newark volunteers as well as volunteers at Loving Hands Cat Rescue.”

Loving Hands Cat Rescue

At both shelters, Tigger had a particular way of getting the attention of all the employees and volunteers. He would stick his paws through the bars and wait for someone to come by and hold hands with him — a surefire way of tugging at anyone’s heartstrings.

Tigger’s strategy was so cute that AHS Newark just had to post about it on TikTok — and it ended up being the thing that finally got him adopted.

“He was quickly adopted after he arrived at our shelter,” Ramos-Sadel said. “He was adopted with Cali, his AHS Newark shelter cage neighbor. Both were at our shelter for a month or so.”

Loving Hands Cat Rescue

Now, Tigger and his sister, Cali, have the best life together. They spend their days watching the squirrels and chipmunks outside the windows, and neither of them ever lacks attention. All of Tigger’s hand-holding finally paid off, and now he never has to worry about begging for love ever again.