Sheep Found In Woods Was So Furry He Could Hardly Move

What a transformation ❤️

Little is know about how this sheep named Baarack, who was rescued recently by Edgar’s Mission animal sanctuary, came to be lost and alone in an Australian forest. But one thing about him was clear.

He was in desperate need of help — and a haircut.

“He was found wandering amongst the many trees, native animals and perils of a state forest,” Edgar’s Mission wrote. “Each day his wool grew longer and longer, and his plight more desperate, while his chances of survival grew thinner and thinner.”

Sheep like Baarack need regular shearing, or else their coats can become so overgrown they’re unable to get around properly. After being on his own for so long, Baarack had nearly reached that point.

But thankfully, he’d been found just in time. And everything was about to change for the better.

The sheep's rescuers arranged for Baarack to finally be freed from his wooly prison — transforming him entirely with a set of shears.

Now, Baarack is like a whole new sheep.

"Having been relieved of his 35-plus kilos [77 pounds] of burdensome wool, he can see the world more clearly than he ever has," Edgar's Mission wrote. "He can walk more easily than he has been capable of and he can express who he is in ways that were never possible."

Thanks to his rescuers, and his own will to survive so long on his own, Baarack is getting a fresh start on a happy life.

The formerly overgrown sheep will now get to live out his days in comfort and peace on the sanctuary, surrounded by people who care.

"Noticing Baarack as we do now, a happy smile becomes our face as a warm glow fills our hearts," Edgar's Mission wrote, adding: "We are reminded of the incredible power of kindness."