Senior Dog Turns Into A Puppy The Moment He Meets His Retirement Buddy

"It was meant to be” ❤️

At 10 years old, Hugo the husky likely assumed he would live out his golden years in relatively the same way he had so far, with little change or disruption.

Then Ice came along.

Sammy Stimpson

“We never really planned on getting a second dog,” Ice and Hugo’s mom, Sammy Stimpson told The Dodo. “But … they just hit it off. He usually takes a while to accept other dogs, but he accepted Ice right away. That’s how we knew it was meant to be.”

When they first met, Hugo excitedly peered over the front gate as Ice pulled on her leash, eager to reach Hugo faster. It was as if they had known each other all their lives.

You can watch that meeting here:

Stimpson is a postlady in their town of Norfolk, England. On her route, she gets to meet lots of people in the community, including a woman with six dogs. Even when she had no mail to deliver, Stimpson often stopped by the woman’s house anyway, just to give the dogs some extra love and affection. When the woman came down with an illness and needed to rehome her dogs, Stimpson knew she had to take one of them.

Sammy Stimpson

“That is how our little girl, Ice, came onto the scene,” Stimpson said.

Hugo and Ice are very different. Hugo is more independent, while Ice would love to be on someone’s lap at all times. But both of them are still puppies at heart and they became best friends in no time. According to Stimpson, they love running side by side and sharing blueberries together.

Sammy Stimpson

“Their bond is just getting closer and closer each day,” Stimpson said.

Hugo and Ice may have met later in life, but their fast affection for each other proves that it’s never too late to find your best friend.

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