Senior Dog Forms The Cutest Bond With Little Girl Through Glass Door

“It’s all she wants, really — someone to sit with her” ❤️️

Before coming into Bridget Hammond’s life, Sheitan spent most of her time alone, tied up outside. Now, the 12-year-old boxer mix is so grateful for any companionship that comes her way.

She especially loves it when her mom brings home foster kittens for her to snuggle.

Bridget Hammond

“She’s just so easygoing. All she wants are pets and food,” Hammond told The Dodo. “She looks like she’d had plenty of puppies in her day, so she just curls up with the kittens and mothers them. It’s so sweet.”

The loving dog tends to make friends easily — sometimes without her mom knowing. Recently, Hammond was working on her laptop when she walked into the living room and caught her pup sitting with a little girl she didn’t recognize.

Bridget Hammond

“I came out into my living room and saw them sitting together like that, watching TV on the phone,” Hammond said. “I don’t think either of them noticed that I was there. I kinda just backed away and let them do their thing.”

The little girl and Sheitan sat together for half an hour, hanging out on either side of the glass door. And the entire time, the dog never moved. It was clear to Hammond that they were enjoying themselves — and had found comfort in each other.

Dog watches TV with neighbor
Bridget Hammond

The little girl didn't know it, but she'd made Sheitan so happy. “It’s all she wants, really — someone to sit with her,” Hammond said.

But their playdate couldn’t last forever.

“Eventually, she looked up and saw me doing dishes, and I just smiled at her and she smiled back and continued to watch her show,” Hammond said. “Her parents came out and called her over for being nosy, and she kind of smirked at me and went over to her parents.”

Bridget Hammond

Hammond hasn’t seen the girl since that day, but she’s hoping to run into her again and introduce her to Sheitan.

But, until then, the old dog is happy to watch TV with anyone who will sit with her.