Senior Dog Begs Family To Take Him To His Favorite Place — The Vet

"Little weirdo, you enjoy going to the vet. Don't you?"

Buddy loves going places. The sweet 11-year-old pup can’t wait to get in the car and go just about anywhere. But there’s one place he enjoys more than any other.

So when Buddy hears he’s going to the vet, he can’t help but vocalize his excitement.

Lab mix barks to go to the vet.
Stephanie Trump

“I asked Buddy if he wanted to go to the vet,” Stephanie Trump, Buddy’s big sister, told The Dodo. “When he realizes he’s there for an exam, he starts whining. I’m not really sure why Buddy likes going there.”

After further thought, Trump realized Buddy likely thinks he’s going for an extended stay at the vet, which could be why he lights up.

“It’s a fairly small clinic, so they pretty much know him,” Trump said.

You can watch Buddy’s reaction to news about the vet here:

Stephanie Trump

As for what happens when Buddy arrives at the vet, the Lab mix gets plenty of attention and treats.

“He’s a big ol’ couch potato that is very food motivated and loves being petted,” Trump said.

Lab mix on his way into the vet.
Stephanie Trump

Buddy brings joy to everyone he meets, whether he's at the vet, on the street or at home. But the very good boy first came into his family's lives purely by accident.

“I have a brother with autism, and when we were kids, we had a Lab mix named Buddy,” Trump said. “My brother kept saying he wanted another Lab named Buddy.”

Lab mix smiles while laying on the floor.
Stephanie Trump

The family learned of a nearby rescue that had a certified therapy dog named Jax, but they never made it that far.

“There was this yellow Lab mix in the first kennel that saw my brother and just started going nuts,” Trump said. “The lady said his name was Butter, but they called him Butty for short. My brother thought it was a sign.”

From then on, Buddy became part of the family.

“He gives me an excuse to go out and want more,” Trump said. “But moreso, he gives me unconditional love.”