Chubby Rescue Cat Will Only Exercise On Her Very Specific Terms

She'll get healthy at her own pace 😂

Smudge is an 18-year-old rescue cat who is, for lack of a better word, enormous. Even though her parents love the chubby cat just the way she is, they know she’ll be healthier if she sheds a few pounds. Unfortunately, Smudge’s idea of a good time is snuggling up under a blanket and having her meals brought to her — not exactly a recipe for weight loss.

So, Smudge’s parents had to get a little creative.

They started by carrying Smudge to one end of their yard and plopping her down, meaning if she wanted to get back inside, she’d have to walk back there herself. Inch by inch, Smudge would crawl back inside, stopping every few seconds to roll around in the sunshine. Still, it was progress.

“She’s fast for an 18-year-old chonky cat,” Smudge’s parents wrote on TikTok.

As time has gone on, Smudge has gotten a bit more spry. Now, she goes for longer walks, but still at a snail’s pace. And if the conditions aren’t absolutely perfect outside, Smudge refuses to budge.

“No matter whether it’s a short walk or a longer challenge, 75 percent of the time Smudge decides she’s had enough exercise approximately 2 meters from our front door,” Smudge’s parents wrote.

When it’s raining, her parents will walk beside, her holding an umbrella just above her head. There’s only one umbrella, so only Queen Smudge gets to stay dry. If they want her to exercise, though, that’s the deal.

People on TikTok have fallen in love with Smudge and her movement routine. She’s a cat who knows what she wants, and even though exercise definitely isn’t it, she’s doing the best she can.

Smudge has already lost a little weight, and even though it isn’t always easy, she’s committed to her health journey and her adorable daily walks.

You can follow Smudge on TikTok.