Cat Waits Patiently Outside Neighbor's Door Until His Best Friend Comes Out To Play

Their playdates are always chaotic 😂

Ziggy is 14 years old, and for years now he’s been the self-appointed hallway patrol officer for his apartment building. He has always loved wandering up and down the hallway, sniffing at all of the apartment doors — and then, one day, he and his mom realized someone new had moved in.

“We learned that my next-door neighbor, Erin, got a cat a few months before,” Dina Massery, Ziggy’s mom, told The Dodo. “I only knew because Ziggy kept sniffing at the door and meowing, and then I started to hear Jude singing the song of his people through the door at Ziggy.”

neighbor cats
Dina Massery

Every time Ziggy would wander into the hallway, he would always try to say hello to Jude through the door. The pair really wanted to meet each other, so Massery and her neighbor decided to try introducing them. They made sure to take things slow and give the cats time to get used to each other. Neither of them was sure how they felt about each other at first, but now they’re best friends, and Ziggy asks if Jude can come out to play every chance he gets.

Dina Massery

Whenever Ziggy wants to have a playdate with Jude, he’ll yell for his mom to open the front door, then he’ll sit in front of Jude’s apartment and yell and scratch until he finally comes out to play. It’s an adorable, hilarious and slightly chaotic system, but it works, and Ziggy and Jude wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Jude sometimes comes to our door to ask Ziggy to come out to play, but typically it's Ziggy screaming at my door to be let into the hallway to ask Jude to come out,” Massery said. “We usually let them hang out a few times a week together.”

Dina Massery

The playdates are usually anything but calm, and definitely provide a lot of entertainment for the two cat moms.

“In the last two weeks, [Jude] has wedged himself under the very back corner of my bed four times now I think?” Massery said. “It is both hilarious and stressful. The first time it happened, we startled half our building because it was 10:30 at night and we were scream-laughing at the chaos of the two of them because, as we were trying to get Jude out from under my bed, Ziggy promptly walked over to Erin’s door while we were distracted and pushed it open with his head and casually walked in like he owned the place. It. Was. Chaos.”

cat neighbors
Dina Massery

Ziggy and Jude are so glad they discovered that they’re neighbors, and will keep playing together as long as their moms will let them.

You can follow Ziggy and Jude on TikTok.