Kind Security Guard Shelters Dog From The Rain

Faith restored 😍

Mel Gracie was coming out of the supermarket with her boyfriend when she witnessed a random act of kindness so touching that she had to stop. 

The rain picked up while they were inside shopping, prompting a security guard to provide shelter for a dog tied to a post outside the store.

Security guard holds umbrella over dog

“It hadn’t been raining when we went in, but as we came out we noticed how heavy and suddenly the rain had started,” Gracie told The Dodo. “The security guard who’s usually at the front doors was standing with the dog keeping him dry and I just thought it was lovely!”

Gracie snapped a photo of the security guard getting soaked as he held his umbrella over the smiling dog. 

Dog sheltered from rain by security guard

The security guard’s reasoning for his actions was as simple as it was thoughtful: “As we walked past, Cal (my boyfriend) said, ‘You’re a good man for this!’” Gracie said. “And he replied, ‘Well, you never know how dogs feel about the rain.’”

Gracie shared the photo to Twitter, hoping the grocery store would see their employee’s good deed. She never expected her post to go viral.

Through Twitter, Gracie was able to get in touch with the dog's owner, who confirmed that their dog was indeed a "good boy."

She also got in contact with the security guard, who explained that he was familiar with the dog’s family. As a dog owner himself, he knew he had to act when it started raining: “Since he was unable to move a customer’s dog he thought an umbrella was the next best thing when it started raining,” Gracie said.

The good boy was clearly lucky to have a good man help him wait out the storm.