Security Camera Footage Reveals What Happened To Family's Cookie Delivery

“Once in a while, a different sort of greedy little poacher comes by ...”

Law enforcement officials in the city of Southlake, Texas, have taken to social media to remind the public to be vigilant when it comes to package theft, noting that opportunistic “porch pirates” pose an ever-present risk. But also, that they’re not always people.

“Once in a while, a different sort of greedy little poacher comes by,” Southlake Department of Public Safety (DPS) wrote in a post.

And they have the footage to prove it.

Getty Images / Leonid Korchenko

According to the DPS, a friend of the department’s family had recently fallen victim to a porch pirate. The friend, referred to as Dr. M, has a son who just turned 15 years old and was gifted a cookie delivery.

But though the cookies were delivered, by the next morning they were nowhere to be found.

“Dr. M’s son was a little shocked,” DPS wrote.

Reviewing security camera footage later on, the family learned the truth:

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Turns out, a local possum had caught sight of the unattended cookies and decided to claim them for herself.

“[This] story features a possum that decided to break the law in its own way,” DPS wrote.

Fortunately, after getting word of the theft, the cookie company opted to resend the order to Dr. M’s son, along with this note:

Southlake DPS

This isn’t the first time a possum has turned to a life of porch piracy, and it’s not likely to be the last. But the loss of a few cookies is a small price to pay for sharing an environment with such an iconic and resourceful species.

As DPS writes: “[We] love possums.”