Security Camera Catches The Moment Missing Cat Finally Comes Home

“Dreams do come true, because this is exactly how I envisioned it.”

Chloe has always been a curious cat and loves to explore the outdoors. She never strays too far and always checks in with her family throughout the day, so when Chloe didn’t come home for dinner one night, her parents immediately started to worry.

Emily, Chloe’s mom, and her husband searched everywhere they could think of looking for Chloe. They were up until 4 in the morning searching but had no luck finding her. That night, Emily had a dream of her and her husband standing on their porch, her husband wearing a pair of green shorts, calling for Chloe. The lost cat came running up to them, safe and sound. Emily woke up and crossed her fingers that her dream would eventually come true.

A week passed, and there was still no sign of Chloe. The couple refused to give up hope, but they were still worried that they may never see their beloved cat again. On the seventh day of Chloe being gone, Emily woke up to footage on their security camera of Chloe trying to get into the house in the middle of the night. She immediately ran outside and started searching. Chloe was OK and had tried to come home, and Emily hoped that she would try again.

Emily and her husband were standing on their porch, rewatching the footage, when suddenly they saw a ball of fluff running towards them. It was Chloe. Emily looked over at her husband and realized that he was wearing those same green shorts from her dream. It had come true: Chloe was home.

“Dreams do come true, because this is exactly how I envisioned it,” Emily wrote on TikTok.

The couple suspects that Chloe had gotten spooked by something and gone into hiding, which is why it took her so long to make her way home. They rushed her to the vet and discovered that, other than losing 3 pounds, Chloe was totally fine after her ordeal.

Now, Chloe is staying inside for the time being while she rests and recovers. Her mom is so happy to have her home safe and can’t believe that her dream really did come true.