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Dad Can't Believe What His Kids Find In The Garden

He was 7 feet long 😱

A father in Scotland thought his kids were just pranking him when they called for him to come see a snake slithering around in their backyard recently.

Not only was Bruce Baker in for a surprise — but he’d also need to launch a full-on rescue mission too.

When Baker turned the corner, he wasn’t met with just a garden snake. In his backyard was a 7-foot-long boa constrictor.

snake boa rescue
Facebook/Bruce Baker

With the frantic help from a neighbor, Baker was able to coax the boa into a box until the Scottish SPCA could respond shortly after. The snake was captured quickly after Officer Jamie Cameron arrived to the scene.

Now, the SPCA is trying to find the owner of the snake, who is assumed to be an escaped or abandoned pet. Unfortunately, snakes this size are often dumped outdoors when the owner realizes just how much care they require — but out in the wild, they are at a huge risk of becoming stressed and injured. 

For now, the snake is staying at the SPCA's adoption center in Edinburgh, and if his owner doesn’t come forward, he’ll be put up for adoption.

"He is quite thin so we believe he has been straying for some time,” Cameron said in a press release.

While it’s unclear just how long the snake has gone without food, he’s in the best place possible to recover and get back into a warm, comfortable home. Both Baker and the snake are probably glad about that.