Schoolboy Nervously Approaches His Teacher With An Unusual Request

She said yes — and it's changed everything.

The most important lessons in life aren’t found within the pages of a textbook or in speeches given by a distinguished lecturer. Indeed, they’re more often found in the tender teachings of the heart.

Just ask this boy named Lopez and his little dog, Pequeña.

Ali Bonilla Esteban

The other day, while at elementary school in Peru, Lopez approached his teacher, Ali Bonilla Esteban, with a bittersweet request. Due to some recent hardships at home, no one was around to look after Pequeña while Lopez was in class — and the thought of her alone left him feeling sad and distracted.

“He asked me, a little nervously, if Pequeña could come to school with him,” Esteban told The Dodo. “I agreed. I wanted to support him, so he could feel comfortable with his faithful friend.”

The decision, though perhaps a little unconventional, was an easy one for Esteban — and upon seeing the change it made for Lopez, she knew it was the right decision as well.

Ali Bonilla Esteban

After that first day, Esteban told Lopez that Pequeña was welcome to come to class with him anytime he'd like. And she’s been back every day since.

“My student’s mood has improved greatly. He’s felt happy,” Esteban said.

Ali Bonilla Esteban

Sure enough, this lesson on love and understanding has had an impact beyond just for Lopez and Pequeña.

The little dog’s presence has brought a newfound feeling of happiness and peace for the entire classroom full of kids.

“She’s become another family member for us,” Esteban said. “We are all happy with her.”