Scared Dog Clings To Teddy Bear For Comfort After Being Surrendered To Shelter

“[It] was a reminder of what she used to have” 😔

As she adjusted to new, strange surroundings, a young dog named Luna kept her teddy bear close, refusing to go anywhere without it. The friendly pup had just been surrendered to San Antonio Animal Care Services, and the stuffed animal was the only thing she had left of home.

“Familiarity is comforting for everyone in times of stress, and this is no doubt the reason why Luna is so attached to her bear,” Lisa Norwood, San Antonio Animal Care Services' public relations manager, told The Dodo. “[The] bear came from home, smells like home and was a reminder of what she used to have.”

Luckily, Luna had plenty of advocates at the shelter and beyond who wanted to help her find a new home. Animal Care Services staff enjoyed learning more about Luna’s warm personality and were always patient with the pup when she got overwhelmed.

“[She] hasn’t lost any of her playful puppy personality,” Norwood said. “She was energetic and playful, but also seemed stressed with all the newness or her situation at times.”

San Antonio Animal Care Services

Eventually, Luna and her teddy were relocated to Vermont English Bulldog Rescue, where Luna could continue to search for her forever family.

Norwood hopes that Luna will find her people, a family that’s excited to encourage Luna’s playful personality.

“Luna needs a home with a patient, loving and active family,” Norwood said. "She needs a lifelong home.”