Roomba Mapping Out House Encounters A Very Lazy Obstacle

"We all found it hysterical!"

To make cleaning a little more convenient, Acacia Carman-Hauri and her family have a Roomba. While mapping out the house for obstacles, it's able to sweep up their place on its own.

But during a recent cleanup job, the family got an alert that there was one particular obstacle the robot couldn't overcome.

And it looked oddly familiar.

Twitter/Chris Carman

After the Roomba completes its task, it sends a summary of where it's been in the house. That's how the family discovered an uncanny object it had evidently run across.

"My parents typically run the Roomba when they go out for errands, so my mom always checks to make sure it didn’t miss any spots," Carman-Hauri told The Dodo. "When she checked the other day, she was surprised by the large spot that was missed."

What could it be? The answer was actually a "who."

Twitter/Chris Carman

Turns out, while the family was away with the Roomba cleaning, there was someone still at home.

His name is Bear. He's an adorable 8-month-old dog — and a rather easygoing one, at that.

The robot's "drawing" was something Bear's family had seen before.

Acacia Carman-Hauri

In order for the Roomba to create the Bear-shaped obstacle, it had to gently bump the dog from all sides — meaning that Bear repeatedly refused to move.

His laziness had overcome the pesky robot's nudging, and now his family had a picture to prove it.

"We all found it hysterical!" Carman-Hauri said. "Bear is incredibly laid-back. He's just a happy, baby Bear."