River Boat Crew Spots Someone Massive Lurking Just Below The Surface

She's huge 😲

Every year, countless tourists flock to Brazil’s Sucuri River to explore the crystal-clear waters weaving through the lush forest landscape. But on one recent expedition, visitors were also treated to a rare glimpse of one of the area’s most iconic inhabitants.

In truth, she was pretty hard to miss.

Célio Araújo

Tour guide Célio Araújo has been working in the region for more than two decades, leading groups along the river in small boats — but in all that time, he’s had few encounters like one that occurred earlier this week.

While cruising on the water, the group noticed a large, shadowy figure lurking just beneath the surface.

Célio Araújo

Turns out, it was an enormous anaconda on the move.

She measured in, by Araújo’s estimate, at around 20 feet long!

Though often imposing in size, anacondas are notoriously shy and difficult to spot while camouflaged in the overgrowth. This one, swimming across the river, offered a full but fleeting view of her massive form.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen one. It’s always rare to see them,” Araújo told The Dodo. “The tourists were very excited when they saw the animal swimming.”

Célio Araújo

Araújo hopes that, by sharing footage of such encounters, people will feel a newfound sense of both awe and respect for anacondas — a species often seen as fearsome, but who are actually more inclined toward a peaceful coexistence with humans.

“Their first reaction is to run away [when they seen people],” Araújo said. “They always keep their distance, and so do we.”