Respectful Dog Offers Cat 'First Dibs' On Every Treat He's Given

"He's a very pure soul."

At 10 years old, this rescue cat named Kiko is by far the oldest pet in Arthur Plaza’s household — but his age isn’t merely a number.

For Kiko, seniority comes with a perk.

Arthur Plaza

Two years ago, Plaza and his family decided to adopt a pup named Bento, who is also a rescue.

Adding a dog to the mix did change things up at home a bit, though Bento’s relationship with Kiko soon settled into an interesting dynamic.

Arthur Plaza

“Since he was little, Bento learned to respect Kiko’s space,” Plaza told The Dodo. “Kiko has also gotten used to Bento’s presence.”

Bento’s respect for his elder sibling isn’t just some vague notion, however — he actually shows it.

Arthur Plaza

When giving his dog a treat, Plaza began to notice a fascinating pattern of behavior would follow.

Rather than quickly scarf down the snack, as most dogs might, Bento would instead carry it to where Kiko sat — granting the cat “first dibs” on the treat he’d been given.

Here’s footage of Bento making offerings to Kiko:

Rarely does the cat choose to eat what his younger sibling brings, but the gesture seems to be appreciated regardless.

“I think Kiko feels in a privileged position,” Plaza said. “It’s a form of respect. Bento always wants to share things with those he likes. He’s a very pure soul.”

Arthur Plaza

Though the pairing of a quiet, older cat with a younger, more bubbly pup might seem fated for discord, Bento’s offerings to Kiko have helped them overcome any differences.

“I really think it's cute and funny,” Plaza said. “I’m happy because of the harmonious coexistence of the two.”