Rescuers Receive Frantic Call To Help Mystery Animal Trapped In A Tree

"The creature sits and doesn't move..."

This week, rescuers from the Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals in Poland received a frantic call from a concerned member of the public alerting them to a desperate situation.

High up in tree near the caller’s home, she’d spotted what appeared to be an animal in need of help. It hadn’t moved from the spot for at least two days. The caller wasn't exactly sure what the animal was, though. Maybe a lizard?

The rescuers were a little dubious — but they raced to the scene anyway, just in case.

When they got to the spot the caller had indicated, rescuers did indeed spot something there that was vaguely lizard-like.

“The brown creature is sitting on a lilac branch,” they wrote. "The creature sits and doesn't move — exactly as the caller described. His brown skin shines in the sun ... We are looking more closely — poor guy has no legs or head."

That closer look revealed the truth behind the mysterious animal. Turns out, it wasn’t a reptile at all. Or even an animal, for that matter.

Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals

It was a pastry — a croissant, to be specific.

There was nothing the rescuers could do.

"It's hard to help something that almost sweeps us off our feet," they wrote. "A laugh attack."


How the croissant ended up stuck in a tree is anyone's guess. But there's no doubt that the caller had the best intentions in mind, considering that she wholeheartedly believed it to be an animal in need.

And for the rescuers called to the scene, whose job was done before it even began, that's what matters most.

"We note that it's always worth reporting if something concerns you," they wrote. "It's better to check and be pleasantly disappointed, and sometimes (unfortunately very rarely) laugh, than to not react, which can sometimes lead to a tragedy."

In this case, the only real tragedy is that someone never got to enjoy their tasty-looking pastry.