Rescuers Race To Save Deer Stuck In Trash Can Lid — Then Realize She's About To Give Birth

“We were immediately hit with that feeling of anxiousness and panic.”

Wandering near a Florida suburb, an expectant mother deer gazed around a front yard, unsure of what to do. The deer had gotten stuck in a trash can lid and was now having a lot of trouble getting around.

When animal advocates from Wild Florida Rescue saw the deer, they knew they had to help — and fast.

“We were pretty confident that she was pregnant right away, as her belly was large,” Heather Pepe, Wild Florida Rescue chief operations officer and cofounder, told The Dodo. “That was the most stressful part … We were immediately hit with that feeling of anxiousness and panic.”

deer stuck in trash can lid
Facebook/WILD Florida Rescue

For weeks, a team of rescuers and veterinarians tracked the mamma deer, trying in vain to safely capture her and remove the trash can lid from around her neck. But the nervous deer kept getting away, no matter how hard rescuers tried to find her.

“We were there for hours and hours each day,” Pepe said.

Nearly a month after they’d first spotted her, community members noticed the deer was with a small fawn. Miraculously, the resilient mama had managed to give birth while trapped in the piece of trash.

deer with head in trash lid
Facebook/WILD Florida Rescue

Rescuers couldn’t believe the deer’s luck. But they were in for another surprise.

A few weeks later, as they continued efforts to help the deer, someone noticed something amazing — the deer had managed to free herself.

“She eventually walked through some trees just the right way to get it off, or some other miracle happened!” Pepe said.

deer and fawn
Facebook/WILD Florida Rescue

Free at last, this tough mother deer is surely happy to be safe with her baby in the wild.

“Mother and fawn have been seen many times,” Pepe said. “Both are thriving!”

To help other animals like this deer, make a donation to Wild Florida Rescue.