Rescuers Lift Storm Drain And Come Face-To-Face With World's Largest Rodent

He's a big fella!

Late last month, first responders in the city of Biguaçu, Brazil, were alerted to an animal in need of rescue. Between the metal bars of a small storm drain grate, passersby had noticed a face staring up at them.

The face was that of a rodent — but not just any rodent.

Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Biguaçu

Unable to lift the heavy grate using their strength, the crew from the Biguaçu Fire Department deployed the “jaws of life” to pry it up.

That’s when they came face-to-face with the trapped animal.

Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Biguaçu

It was a capybara, a famously friendly animal who just so happens to be the largest species of rodent on the planet.

Here's the moment he was rescued:

How the capybara, an animal native to the region, ended up in that tight spot isn’t known, but even after the grate was removed, he still needed a helping hand out. And the rescuers were happy to lend it.

Fortunately, the capybara appeared to be in good health as he continued on his way after that scary ordeal.

“The capybara came out and returned to its habitat,” the Biguaçu Fire Department wrote online. “Congratulations to [the rescuers involved] for their excellent work.”