Rescuers Hear Skittering In Abandoned Basement And Find 11 Furry Babies All Alone

“It was heartbreaking that they were so afraid” 😢

Alone in a dark, abandoned basement, a group of 11 puppies huddled together, relying on each other for comfort.

The puppies had no idea where to go or what to do, and with no food or water, they were running out of time.

When they heard a noise at the top of the stairs, a few of the puppies bounded over to see what was going on.

Little did they know, the help they’d been hoping for had just arrived.

puppies in basement
Facebook/CC RezQs Regina

Earlier that day, Canada-based rescue group CC RezQs Regina was contacted about the puppies living in a house near Saskatchewan. Staff members were alarmed. Though CC RezQs Regina didn’t have any open space, rescuers knew they had to save these dogs.

As rescuers made their way to the basement of the house, they began to hear the pittering of paws. They were flooded with relief when they saw all 11 dogs were safe, albeit living in heartbreaking conditions.

puppies in basement
Facebook/CC RezQs Regina

One by one, rescuers contained the puppies. It was a difficult job, as the pups were very wary of humans. The dogs often barked or ran away into a corner, but rescuers weren’t deterred — they knew they had to get them to safety.

“They didn’t know if we were safe people or if we were dangerous,” Stephanie Senger, CC RezQs Regina adoption and foster coordinator, told The Dodo. “It was heartbreaking that they were so afraid. We knew that things were going to get better for them once we got them out of there, but they didn’t.”

Once back at the rescue, CC RezQs Regina staff began helping the puppies adapt to their new surroundings. Slowly, the pups began to understand what it means to be loved and looked after.

“They have no idea how kind humans can be,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “They have no idea how amazing their lives can be.”

At first, the puppies lived together in a foster home, still relying on each other to feel safe. As time went on, each of them gained confidence. Soon, they were ready to head their separate ways, off to new foster homes and eventually to their permanent families.

Already, many of the pups have connected with forever families who are so happy to have them.

“I love you so much, Charlie,” one new puppy mom wrote in a Facebook post. “I never planned on foster failing, but I can’t imagine my life without you.”

dog in snow
Facebook/Alexi Weigl

Out of a dark basement and into a life of light and love, these puppies are so grateful to have been given a fresh start. Clearly, their new parents are grateful, too.

To help other dogs like these puppies, make a donation to CC RezQs Regina.