Rescuer Spots ‘Mouse-Sized’ Puppy Crying For Mom In The Middle Of The Road

“[She] was overjoyed to finally meet a human who would give her the warmth of love …”

Alone on the barren streets of Lonavala, India, a little dog named Yuki began to cry, hoping to be noticed.

dog in barren road

A kind neighbor named Manasvi Pawase heard Yuki calling for help and rushed to the rescue.

“I heard a puppy crying outside,” Pawase told The Dodo. “I went to check and found this small, 3-week-old, mouse-sized puppy right outside our door. I was definitely melted by her cuteness and I immediately cuddled her up in my sweater.”

black and white puppy

Finally safe, Yuki relaxed into the comfort of her rescuer’s arms.

“[She] was overjoyed to finally meet a human who would give her the warmth of love,” Pawase said. “It seemed that she was deprived of it for so long.”

Pawase, who’s involved with the animal rescue group Strays of Panvel, got to work making sure Yuki felt comfortable. The little dog had no problem settling in and was so happy to relax.

“The moment she came home with me, she slept all day like a baby,” Pawase said. “I could feel she was tired from all of that uncertainty.”

dog asleep on man
Manasvi Pawase

After some outreach, Pawase found Yuki a foster home with Melisa Rego and her dog, Bailey. Happy to have another dog around, Yuki transformed from a once-quiet infant into a rowdy teenager.

“She was a complete hurricane!” Pawase said. “Constantly running and playing around with humans, showering them with licks and love, learning to play with toys.”

two dogs
Manasvi Pawase

Once Yuki was old enough, Pawase coordinated the search for her permanent home. After parsing through an influx of inquiries, Pawase found the perfect fit.

Pawase was sad to see Yuki go but so glad that she was able to help the sweet dog. She still doesn’t know where Yuki came from or who abandoned her, but she’s thankful that it all worked out in the end.

“Whatever the reasons were,” Pawase said. “I’m just glad she found a way to me.”

You can keep up with Pawase's rescue efforts by following Strays of Panvel on Instagram here. You can make a donation to Strays of Panvel here