Rescuer Opens Recycling Bin And Finds Someone Stuck In A Nutella Jar

She couldn’t get out on her own 😰

The other day, a resident in Medstead, United Kingdom, opened a recycling bin and instantly spotted something puzzling.

Atop the pile of empty glass bottles lay a half-filled jar of Nutella. The substance inside resembled hazelnut spread from afar, but as the Good Samaritan got a closer look, they discovered it wasn’t food at all.

Stuffed in the jar was a clump of brown spikes — and she was moving.

Facebook/HART Wildlife Rescue

The animal lover grabbed the Nutella jar and headed straight to HART Wildlife Rescue (HWR) as soon as they realized who was inside.

“This poor little hedgehog got herself into quite the predicament,” HWR wrote in a Facebook post. “It’s not known how she got into the glass bottle bin, but she was incredibly lucky to have been spotted when she was!”

The hedgehog couldn’t get out on her own, so the HWR team planned to manually extract her. But she’d curled herself into a ball out of fear, and all they could see were her sharp quills.

The poor girl was stressed, and the team didn’t want to make things worse.

Facebook/HART Wildlife Rescue

Instead of using heavy equipment to break the jar open or pry the hedgehog out, they improvised a new method using an unexpected object and the girl’s natural instincts.

“One of our wildlife carers, Olivia, used a coffee stirrer to scratch the hedgehog’s back and encourage her to uncurl whilst inside the jar,” HWR wrote in a Facebook update. “Once uncurled, our team [was] able to get ahold of the hedgehog’s front feet and gently wiggle her out of the jar.”

Thankfully, the little hedgehog made it out without any additional stress or injuries.

The HWR team showered their new friend with love. They set her up in her very own cage and made sure that she was warm, fed and happy.

Facebook/HART Wildlife Rescue

Shortly after her rescue, the HWR team learned that the hedgehog was battling endoparasites, which meant that she couldn’t be released right away.

As of now, the hedgehog is still receiving treatment at HWR and is feeling better each day.

The team looks forward to releasing her back into the wild once she’s healthy enough, but they’ll miss their sweet little girl.

In the meantime, they’ll keep cheering the hedgehog on in her recovery and reminding her that, when she does finally make it back home one day, all stray jars are completely off-limits.

To help wild animals like this hedgehog get the care they need, you can make a donation to HART Wildlife Rescue here.