Rescued Sheep Overcome Fear And Touch Snow For The First Time

Just wait for the snow zoomies ...

For much of the year, life at the Gentle Barn farm animal sanctuary in Tennessee is all about rescued animals grazing freely in the property’s lush, green fields, sunshine warming their backs.

But this time of year, things are looking a bit different.

“We’ve been hit by extreme storms,” The Gentle Barn wrote the other week. “Tennessee experienced an entire winter’s worth of snow in ONE DAY!”

The extra-wintery weather has created some challenges to day-to-day operations at The Gentle Barn. But it’s also brought along some new opportunities for animals there to explore and play.

When it comes to the sanctuary's resident sheep, however, that took some convincing:

“The Gentle Barn Tennessee sanctuary hasn’t seen snowfall like this since we rescued these boys, and despite some initial hesitation, they had the most magical time,” the sanctuary wrote.

And they weren’t the only ones who learned to love the snow:

In light of some problems caused by the icy weather — like frozen pipes and added strain on supplies — The Gentle Barn is "working extra hard in the freezing weather to keep everyone comfortable and blissfully unaware of the potential damages."

And they're setting aside time for a little fun in the process.

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