Rescued Beaver Creates A Clever System For Cleaning Up Her Room

"I’ve never heard of a beaver doing this."

Last year, this orphaned beaver named Nibi was placed under the protection of Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Massachusetts. There, thanks to the love and care from her rescuers, Nibi has had the chance to grow up, learning what it means to be a beaver.

But while practicing the beaver work of building, Nibi has been given plenty of time for fun, as well.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

Remarkably, though the two could be misconstrued, Nibi has found an adorable way to show she knows the difference between work and play.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

Within Nibi's enrichment room at Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, there are essentially two categories of objects she interacts with — sticks she practices building with and toys she spends her downtime with.

Throughout the day, those two types of objects inevitably get mixed up together and scattered throughout the room. But when Nibi decides it's cleanup time, it appears that she has a designated place for each.

"Nibi separates her play things from her work things," Nibi's caretakers wrote. "It’s hilarious and really interesting to watch!"

Here's footage of Nibi in action:

Nibi likes to keep things organized — an adorable habit that has come as a surprise to her rescuers.

"I’ve never heard of a beaver doing this," they wrote. "She clearly knows the difference between what she is supposed to build with and what’s just for fun."

This clever beaver has the whole "work-life balance" thing down pat.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

It's hard to say for certain what might compel this sorting behavior in Nibi — but there's undoubtably some advantage for beavers to keep dam building materials apart from other, less construction-oriented things.

And with any luck, that practice in sorting will pay off one day with Nibi's hopeful release back into the wild.

To learn more about Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, and to find out how you can help, visit their website here.