Rescue Pittie Is So Excited To Have Her Very Own Yard For The First Time

"She watched us build the fence for two months and I think she knew it was for her" ❤️️

Mia was found wandering the streets in Akron, Ohio, incredibly sick, and a kind person took her to an emergency vet to get immediate attention. She was later taken in by a rescue and adopted by her new family in January 2020, and has been living the good life ever since. 

While Mia’s favorite thing is lounging around with her family, she also enjoys running around whenever she has the energy, and is overall a very playful, silly dog. 

dog cuddles dad
Taylor Clapp

“She is actually pretty lazy the majority of the time but when she wants to play she usually gets a short zoomie burst of energy once or twice a day,” Taylor Clapp, Mia’s mom, told The Dodo. “She is very affectionate and goofy and her favorite game is tug-of-war.” 

dog on stairs
Taylor Clapp

Mia loves to play outside, but initially her family didn’t have a fenced-in yard, so she always had to be on leash whenever they went outside. Since they had no idea where she’d come from or if she’d ever had a yard to run free in before, they decided they really wanted to give her one — and quickly set about building a fence for their yard. 

“We had her for five months before we finished building our fence and she would play with the neighbor dog in their fenced-in yard,” Clapp said. “We would also let her run in the backyard with a long leash and she would tug at it most of the time.” 

dog looks out at yard
Taylor Clapp

Finally, the fence was finished, and Mia’s family couldn’t wait to show her. They opened the door for her and she quickly realized that she was able to run free without a leash — and as soon as she got out into the yard, she absolutely lost her mind. 

“She was so excited she couldn’t handle it,” Clapp said. “I made sure to get it on video because she gets the zoomies a lot inside and we knew she would freak out when she could run in a backyard of her own. She watched us build the fence for two months and I think she knew it was for her.” 

Taylor Clapp

Mia couldn’t contain her excitement. After everything she’s been through, she finally has a yard of her own, and she was so thrilled to run around it again and again and again. 

“She ran around and played in her yard for another hour or so and enjoyed it thoroughly for the rest of the summer,” Clapp said. “She likes the snow but is not a big fan of the cold so she does a lap around the yard every time she is outside then comes right back in.” 

dog hangs out in yard
Taylor Clapp

While she definitely loves to laze around, now she gets to have her zoomie bursts outside in her yard. It may seem like a small thing, but for Mia, it means so much. 

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