Rescue Pig Has The Sweetest Reaction To Getting Her Very Own Pool

“She absolutely loves it.”

Billie the rescue pig had never been in a pool before — let alone had one of her very own. But that changed when she arrived at Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary.

Now, the water-loving pig can’t get enough.

Pig relaxes in a green pool.
Todd Friedman

“She absolutely loves it,” Billie’s dad, Todd Friedman, told The Dodo. “She spends her days poolside, grazing or eating.”

Friedman watched the 2-and-a-half-year-old Kunekune pig’s first pool experience with delight as she stepped in the water and remained in that exact spot for “no less than three hours.” They had to keep checking on Billie to be sure she was all right, but ultimately, Billie was thriving.

Watch Billie’s reaction to her new pool here:

In her previous life, Billie lived in a wet basement that flooded often. She and her pig brother, Moby, came to live at the rescue, where they’ve been given a second chance at life. And by the look on Billie’s happy face, the pool is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

Rescue pig sunbathes.
Todd Friedman

Pools aren’t the only place Billie likes to relax. She can also be found in the pond soaking up the rays or waiting near the water with her mouth open, hoping a treat will fall in.

Rescue pig lays on her pools.
Todd Friedman

Billie might be living her best life now, but it’s Friedman who credits Billie.

“She taught me a lot about forgiveness,” Friedman said. “She has every right to be angry, spending the beginning of her life in a wet, dark, cold basement.”

“She loves everyone — and I mean everyone,” he added. “She is so positive and really does not let anything bother her.”

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