Rescue Of Cat Stranded By Icy Stream Ends In The Most Dramatic Fashion

"Good girl!"

A few weeks ago, Laura Mayleen’s husband was out for a stroll near their home in Kazakhstan when he happened upon an animal who was in quite the predicament.

There, perched precariously on a shelf of ice at the base of a bridge spanning a frigid stream, was a black cat. With no obvious means of escaping the spot without entering the freezing water, it was clear the poor cat was stuck.

Mayleen’s husband couldn’t just leave her there: “[He] asked for help,” Mayleen wrote.


Though the well-being of a random cat in distress might not amount to much for some people, Mayleen’s husband was fortunate to find several allies in the worthy cause of saving her.

Soon, a pair of Good Samaritans came equipped with a ladder — their plan being, evidently, to climb down to lift the cat to safety.

But as dramatic video of the rescue shows, they never got the chance:

Turns out, the cat wasn’t totally powerless. She just needed a helping hand.

Seeing the ladder lowered into view, she took it upon herself help complete the task of escaping that spot — bounding with one daring leap to grab ahold of a rung.

It was a collaborative effort, really.


Mayleen’s husband was impressed: “Good girl!” he can be heard shouting.

The cat, in very cat-like style, then strutted away without much acknowledgement of her rescuers’ efforts. But online, where the video above soon went viral, the reaction was a bit more praiseful.

“My heart skipped a beat when Fluffy jumped,” one commenter wrote. “Thank you very much, kind people!”