Rescue Dog's Best Feature Is Definitely His ‘Boopable’ Nose

“It’s almost impossible to be sad after seeing a picture of his snoot.”

Frank the dog has a lot going for him, including a new home with his human mom, Pree Das. According to Das, the golden retriever’s best feature is his “boopable” nose, which she captures through a vibrant collection of photos.

Dog poses for a photo with flower on head
Pree Das

Frank has always been a photogenic pup, but once Das realized Frank’s pictures brought people joy, she decided to make them a regular occurence.

“It started about four months ago,” Das told The Dodo. “He was just sitting up and staring at my friend with his classic happy face on, and she decided to take a picture of his nose. We couldn’t stop laughing at how funny he looked. After that, the rest was history.”

Dog poses with flower on nose
Pree Das

The pup’s lovable personality shines through every photo. Das typically places a flower on Frank’s nose to really emphasize his snout. Das added that Frank gets to keep the flowers, saying, “He thinks they are the best things ever.”

“The boop pictures really capture his kind eyes and his goofiness,” Das said. “When I shared them in a few [Facebook] groups, I was amazed at how much they made people smile. It’s almost impossible to be sad after seeing a picture of his snoot.”

Dog poses for the camera with flower on head
Pree Das

Das doesn’t use a fancy camera to capture Frank’s happy face — just an iPhone — but the results are more than she’s ever hoped for.

“He’s always been incredibly still when he knows he’s having his picture taken, which is how these pictures are even possible,” Das said. “He’s also really good at balancing things on his head, so I started putting flowers [on his head] and taking the boop pictures and making videos, too.”

Dog smiles for the camera with pink flower on nose
Pree Das

Aside from posing for pictures, Frank has already volunteered to cuddle medical students, with plans of visiting more hospitals next month.

“He’s the most gentle, patient goofball you could ever meet,” Das said. “Incredibly loyal with a heart of gold.”

Dog poses for camera with bone in mouth
Pree Das

Some things that Frank loves most include giving hugs, making people smile and showing off his tricks. But it’s his bond with Das that means the most.

“People have really fallen in love with his big old snoot, and knowing that [makes] so many people’s days is so rewarding,” Das said. “He is always happy and willing to show off his snoot. It’s always a positive thing for him. He’s not food motivated so just expects me to tell him what a good boy he is.”

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