Rescue Dog Won't Let Pig Toy She Thinks Is Her Baby Out Of Her Sight

“It's the perfect size — like her puppies might be.”

Andi’s favorite toy in the world is a little pink pig that squeaks like a newborn pup. The 4-year-old rescue would do anything for her pig — including try to feed it.

A dog lays with her pink toy pig.
Jennifer Tripucka

“Andi found the pig in the toy bin and immediately started crying and squeaking it in her mouth,” Jennifer Tripucka, Andi’s mom, told The Dodo. “Then she would carry it around the house, circling and crying and protecting it.”

Tripucka didn’t understand why her rescued shih tzu — who was once used to breed — needed to care for and protect her little toy pig. But four days after getting spayed, a veterinarian confirmed that Andi was experiencing a “phantom pregnancy,” which can happen to female dogs after the surgery.

A dog sits with her pink toy pig.
Jennifer Tripucka

Tripucka knew something was wrong when the usually agreeable Andi snapped at her siblings every time they came near her prized pig. Andi wanted the baby all to herself.

“She also tries to nurse [the pig],” Tripucka said. “Sometimes she forgets about it, leaves the area where it is, and circles looking for it and crying. Then she finds it and moves on to a new spot to nest in. It's the perfect size — like her puppies might be.”

Watch Andi with her toy pig here:

Andi is Tripucka’s second rescue from Wise Animal Rescue, along with big brother, Finn. The sweet pup also has a senior dog brother, Pierre, who is sick with cancer.

“She's basically a therapy dog to the other two pups, which has been so heartwarming,” Tripucka said. “She’s also a therapy dog to us, as we go through this tough time with our older dog.”

Clearly, Andi’s heart is big enough for her parents, siblings and her toy pig “baby.”

“This little girl came into our lives very unexpectedly at a time where I really needed an additional sweet soul to add to our pack,” Tripucka said. “She is just the gentlest, most loving and wonderful pup you could ever imagine. I truly couldn't imagine life without her.”

You can follow Andi and her siblings on TikTok.