Woman Finds Her Senior Rescue Dog Stuck In The Strangest Place

“Jolene was, as usual, very happy to see us."

Claudia Petrullo and her husband were looking to adopt a senior dog, and when they saw Jolene’s pictures online, they immediately knew that she was the one.

cute senior dog
Claudia Petrullo

“We adopted Jolene from PupStarz rescue in Brooklyn, New York, in February of 2022 and her adoption ad stated that she was 18,” Petrullo told The Dodo. “Our vet thinks she is closer to 13. Best guess is the shelter thought she was older because she was so underweight and toothless.”

Jolene settled into her new home immediately and was so excited to finally be living a comfy, spoiled life. She loves her new family so much and is always happy to see them — even if her adorably derpy face doesn’t always show it.

cute senior dog
Claudia Petrullo

Usually, whenever Jolene’s parents arrived home, she'd come running to greet them, so when they got home and she was nowhere to be found, they knew something must be up.

“I instantly panicked, but I soon realized she was under the blanket and poked her head and arm through when she heard us walking in,” Petrullo said.

Jolene had wanted to come running to greet her parents as usual, but she accidentally got herself a little stuck instead, and as her mom filmed her struggles, her face looked so adorably annoyed. Really, though, she didn’t mind too much.

“Jolene was, as usual, very happy to see us and be cuddled,” Petrullo said.

Even though it wasn’t a big deal, Jolene’s parents don’t plan on ever leaving her alone with that blanket again, just in case. They’ll make sure she has a different, less tricky blanket to snuggle with — and Jolene’s life of coziness and being spoiled continues on.

You can follow Jolene and PupStarz on Instagram.