Rescue Dog Notices Something Very Wrong And Saves His Brother's Life

“If it wasn't for Charlie, Donny would be dead.”

A year and a half ago, Candia Merchant’s boyfriend rescued a pittie named Charlie from an abusive home. And since that day, Charlie has returned the favor by becoming the family’s faithful protector.

“He went from having no place to run, no toys, no beds, no treats, no love, to having it all,” Merchant told The Dodo. “If Charlie thinks any of us are hurt or even out of his sight, he won't stop until he can go investigate for himself.”

Charlie the pit bull saves young boy
Candia Merchant

Charlie has a deep bond with Merchant and her three children, but he’s closest with her 14-year-old son, Donald. And Charlie proved himself a hero when he saved his best friend’s life

Last month, Donald was in the shed looking for his fishing pole and supplies, when a hornet started buzzing around. But by the time Donald got outside, he’d already been stung. 

Hero dog alerts family to boy's allergic reaction
Candia Merchant

Charlie was keeping a close eye on Donald from the living room window, while the rest of the family cleaned the house.

“We didn't see him get stung, but [Charlie] did,” Merchant said. “Charlie started running back and forth across the floor in a panic, barking at the window, shaking, and we could tell there was a reason, as Charlie doesn't bark that much.”

“Charlie knew Donny was in trouble,” she added. “Charlie has never acted like that before, he sensed [Donald] was in trouble and was not stopping 'til we took notice and went out to see.”

Candia Merchant

Merchant went over to the window and saw her son lying on the ground, struggling to breathe. She ran outside and Charlie followed, still barking the alarm. Merchant hadn't known that Donald was allergic, but she recognized the symptoms since she was also allergic and was able to give him her medication and rush him to the doctor. 

Donald fortunately recovered quickly, but Charlie wasn’t going to let his favorite person go off on his own again so easily.

Candia Merchant

“After my son was stung, Charlie refused to leave his side for almost two weeks,” Merchant said. “He would lay on him, sit on him and follow him everywhere — even to the bathroom.”

Candia Merchant

Donald and his family couldn’t be more grateful to Charlie, and know that as long as he’s around, they’re safe.

“I know if it wasn't for Charlie, Donny would be dead,” Merchant said. “Charlie wasn't stopping until he got our attention.”

When it comes to Charlie, "good boy" is an understatement.