Rescue Dog Never Met His Late Brother — But Somehow Knows Exactly How He Slept

"It just felt like the universe was telling me he was still with me.”

Evan Sowards and his girlfriend, Sarah Dinh, always loved when their pup, Titus, curled into a little ball at the top of the bed. They called it his “donut” pose, and often took pictures.

After Titus passed away, Sowards, still missing his pup so much, adopted another dog, Milo.

One day, while working in the bedroom, Sowards felt Dinh go quiet — she tapped on his shoulder, motioning for him to turn around.

There on the bed was Milo, and he was in the exact same spot and position where Titus had slept so many times before.

dogs sleeping on bed
Evan Sowards

“I just immediately broke down,” Sowards told The Dodo. “Because it was him. It just felt like the universe was telling me he was still with me.”

During their 13 years together, Sowards and Titus developed a unique bond. Sowards was only 19 when he adopted Titus, and while so much in his life changed over the years, Titus was a constant friend.

“Titus and I were both puppies when I got him,” Sowards said. “We grew up together. He taught me how to be responsible. He taught me what being loved unconditionally was. Titus changed my life, but Titus was my life.”

man and dog cuddle
Evan Sowards

When Titus passed away eight days into the pandemic, Sowards battled with the idea of having to replace him. How could any dog compare?

Sowards decided he couldn’t adopt a dog who looked like Titus — that would be too hard. He started looking for black and gray dogs, any color but brown.

And yet, when Dinh showed Sowards a picture of a little brown dog on The Labelle Foundation of Los Angeles' Instagram page, Sowards immediately knew it was meant to be.

“Every worry and thought completely went out the window,” Sowards said. “I just told Sarah, ‘say the word I'll apply right now.’”

woman cuddles with dog
Evan Sowards

Sowards immediately began recognizing similarities between Milo and Titus. Titus used to run up to Sowards right when he arrived home from work, and now Milo does too. Milo loves to lay right next to Dinh as she does homework, just like Titus did.

Sowards believes, in some larger way, Milo and Titus are connected.

“I'm a technical recruiter, so I told my coworkers that I think Titus referred Milo for the position,” Sowards said. “And I'm just thankful. Because I've missed Titus a lot since he's passed and it was just really, really nice to be reminded of him again.”

man holds dog in store
Evan Sowards

While Milo will never be the exact same dog that Titus was, it’s clear that he’s already great at providing the same kind of love and support to Sowards — and Sowards has so much love to give back.

And perhaps somewhere, Titus is pulling some strings, making sure his best friend is happy.