Hockey-Loving Dog Is So Proud After He Scores A Goal

“He is always eager to learn new tricks."

Some dogs have all the fun, and Darrel the rescue dog is proof.

This hockey superstar loves to knock his “puck” into a goal on the first shot, followed by a much-deserved celebration.

Dog hits ball with stick.
Hailey Adair

“He is always eager to learn new tricks and thinks outside of the box,” Darrel’s mom, Hailey Adair, told The Dodo. “Sometimes [he’s] a little too smart for his own good!”

The 3-year-old knows more than a few tricks, Adair said. Some of which include skateboarding, turning lights on or off, retrieving his mom’s credit card to “pay for it” and opening doors.

Darrel’s best trick is knocking his “puck” ball into the goal with one shot. His hockey setup includes a net, a cup to shoot the “puck” into and stuffed animal goalies.

Dog holds hockey stick in his mouth as he poses.
Hailey Adair

“Every afternoon, I ask if he wants to play hockey,” Adair said. “If he takes the stick, we play. Some days, he is in the mood for something else. He calls the shots — literally.”

You can watch Darrel score a goal and celebrate here:

Adair found her talented pup through Pronto Puppy, who showcased his talents. She knew immediately they were meant to be together. He even goes to her work at the Washington chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

“When all of us were sent home due to quarantine, he gave me a focus; someone to care for and someone to bond through training,” Adair said. “I started working on hockey with him to see what he would do with the stick, and within a few days, he was hitting the ball and smiling from ear to ear!”

Dog poses in a purple shirt.
Hailey Adair

Though hockey is just a “passion,” the sport helped strengthen the bond between Darrel and his mom. He even participates in Adair’s work events to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association with “messages from Darrel” and livestreams.

“Darrel is a one-of-a-kind dog,” Adair said. “He loves all animals, including his guinea pig brothers and other dogs. But [he] especially loves people. He’s the kind of dog that lights up the room as soon as he walks in.”

To see more of Darrel’s tricks, follow him on TikTok.