Rescue Chicken Boops Her Dog Brother On The Nose Every Time She Wants To Play

"Her happiest place is sleeping right next to him.”

Gus the senior rescue never dreamed he’d have a chicken for a sister, but that’s exactly what he got with Lucky. Now, Lucky is obsessed with her bulldog brother.

Dog and chicken sit together
Chandler Choate

Lucky — a 5-year-old silver laced Cochin — insists on being with Gus wherever he goes. Sometimes, that means waking the pup with a gentle peck.

“She doesn't intentionally try to wake him very often,” Chandler Choate, Lucky and Gus’ mom, told The Dodo. “But if he is in the same room, she always insists on being right beside him. Her happiest place is sleeping right next to him.”

Choate thinks Lucky sleeps more than the average chicken — thanks to Gus.

“She follows his lead,” Choate said. “The closer he lets her get to him, the happier she is.”

Choate noted Lucky only does these things with Gus.

“When we have watched my mother-in-law's dog in the past, Lucky will have nothing to do with her,” Choate said. “She only loves and trusts Gus.”

Dog and chicken sit together
Chandler Choate

The bond between the two runs deep. Choate said their hobbies include looking out the living room window together and begging for food.

“Lucky can sometimes even grab handouts faster than Gus,” Choate said. “But it really comes down to if Gus is doing it, Lucky wants to do it, too. If he goes outside, she wants to go, and if he is done and wants back inside, so does she.”

Watch as Lucky tries to wake Gus to play here:

Gus has been in the Choate family since he was 2 years old. “[Gus] was adopted by two other families who returned him for being rowdy and chasing cats,” Choate said. “But, he was absolutely perfect for us and it was love at first sight.”

Lucky’s story hits a little closer to home.

“She was owned by my dad, who lived out in the country about an hour from our house,” Choate said. “He owned Lucky with about 20 other chickens but needed to downsize as his health issues were becoming more of a priority. When I met Lucky, she was at the bottom of the pecking order and picked on relentlessly by the other chickens.”

Lucky was born with a “twisted neck” and “lazy eye,” making matters more complicated. Choate decided to take Lucky with no idea how Gus might react.

Dog and chicken lie together on the floor
Chandler Choate

“My husband and I decided early on not to have kids, so Gus is our family and our ‘kid,'" Choate said. “There is not a day that goes by that he does not make us laugh and smile. And he is very in [tune] to when we need love and affection, not something he gives out often. He is loved by everyone who meets him.”

She added that Lucky’s presence made the family complete.

“I really just adopted her to help her survive, but she has helped us so much more in return,” Choate said. “My dad and I shared a very strong bond and connection over all animals my entire life. The joy and laughter we shared over this special little chicken — and the fact I still have her — just makes me feel like a tiny part of my dad is still here with me. I know he would be so happy.”

Chicken touches dog's nose
Chandler Choate

Together, Gus and Lucky’s daily shenanigans have made everything better.

“They really make me proud just by being themselves,” Choate said. “They’re touching the lives of so many. I often wish everyone could meet them in person and see how truly wonderful and special they are.”

To learn more about Gus and Lucky, you can follow them on TikTok.