Senior Rescue Cat Demands To Be Spooned By Dad Every Night

“If I am already in bed, he will force his way under the covers.”

Charlie does a pretty good job sleeping on his own, but the 16-year-old rescue cat  prefers a special routine with his favorite person — Dad.

Luckily, his dad is more than happy to go along with it because he knows just how much it means to Charlie.

A cat lays in bed with his dad.
Conor Coley

“At the beginning of the year, I returned home from an extended period away due to work,” Conor Coley, Charlie’s dad, told The Dodo. “The first night since I returned, he insisted on being spooned.”

Since that night, the elderly tabby’s favorite part of the day is when he gets to be little spoon.

A cat lays in bed with his dad.
Conor Coley

Charlie always loved sleeping on the bed because it’s his dad’s special place and he wanted to be a part of that.

“He will enter my room every night at around 10 p.m.,” Coley said. “If I am already in bed he will force his way under the covers, and if I am not in bed, he will sit exactly where I sleep and meow until I go to bed.”

A cat sleeps in bed with his dad.
Conor Coley

Coley rescued the “extremely laid-back” cat eight years ago, noting that Charlie happily lays in the sunshine until it’s time to snuggle.

“He purrs immediately when I enter the room,” Coley said. “Most nights he will spend the entire night, except for the occasional trip for water. In most cases, he will return promptly and gently pad me awake to let him back into the spoon.”

A senior cat rests on a bed.
Conor Coley

At 16 years old, Charlie knows how to get the attention he wants and deserves.

“If he wants your attention, he’ll meow the house down,” Coley said.

A senior cat rests on a chair.
Conor Coley

It’s OK, though. Coley loves their routine — and relationship.

“Charlie has been a rock in my life and also my partner,” Coley said. “He is always there when you need him, and it takes away the struggle of a hard day when he comes in purring for a snuggle.”