Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing After Puppy Interrupts Live News Broadcast

“All of a sudden, she started nipping and licking my foot. I couldn’t control myself!"

The other day, television news reporter Fernanda Rouvenat was live on the air in Brazil when she noticed someone eagerly approaching from the corner of her eye, just off camera.

It was a tiny puppy, who refused to be ignored.

Fernanda Rouvenat

“All of a sudden, she started nipping and licking my foot,” Rouvenat told The Dodo. “I couldn’t control myself! I started laughing!”

Rather than try to continue on with her intended broadcast, the intrepid reporter decided to stop and play with the puppy instead.

Here’s that moment on video:

And with that, the little dog became the story.

“I couldn't resist when I saw she wanted to play. I reached down and started petting her,” Rouvenat said. “She was so cute and small!”

Fernanda Rouvenat

Rouvenat came to learn that the little dog’s name was Esperança, and that she’d been out for a walk with her owner before her desire to play with the random reporter overtook her.

Esperança had interrupted Rouvenat’s news segment, yes. But she also brightened her day. And Rouvenat wasn’t alone in that feeling.

“I was happy that I also gave a little lightness and joy to the people who were watching [on TV],” she said. “I had fun with the unexpected scene.”